Let's get into rubber, London!

London Rubbermen is the group for men can't get enough of wearing rubber. We gear up and get together for socials & fetish nights around the capital.

London Rubbermen is a social group for men into rubber and latex as a fetish. We gather at informal events around the capital – sometimes at large events in the kink calendar or smaller events organised by members in the clubs and bars of London’s bustling vanilla gay scene.
Our aim to bring men out of the rubber closet & encourage Rubber Pride.  We also want to provide a more relaxed, social platform in a capital which, whilst having a large gay fetish scene, can sometimes seem un-social and purely sex obsessed.
London Rubbermen is a brotherhood of fetish men, each unique in their kinks and lifestyles yet each united in there love of wearing rubber. The broad range of interests which are shared by many members of the group include neoprene, latex (whether shiny or not), industrial rubber wear, hoods, gas masks, bondage, S&M, waders and boots…


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For more information about how to join our discussion on Facebook, please contact us via Facebook.com/LondonRubbermen, or scroll down the page to send us an email instead.

Rubbermen Group History

It was stateside where Chicago Rubbermen started their pioneering  group in 2003 and LRM shares an affinity with similar groups in the USA and UK, including Manchester which was the UK’s first.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

How to Join Us

There’s no formal membership process or fees as we’re an informal rabble of kinksters but there are ways to stay updated about future events and join the group discussions.


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